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Hormone Therapy Consultation Services & Fees

We have a whole body approach to hormonal balance. Our certified hormone specialist works one-on-one with her patients to understand how she can best help them move toward optimum hormonal health.  With the use of in-depth patient evaluations, wellness consultation and salvia testing, our pharmacist develops a recommendation to send to your physician based on your unique concerns. We will combine our advanced training, and specialized skill-set with clinical research and FDA approved ingredients to bring you a customized hormone solution.

Thank you for choosing ProCompounding Pharmacy. You have come to us for help and we will be here for you. Our Certified Hormone Specialist will listen to you, stays current with education and works along with your physician to give you the best care possible. The better you are informed and understand your hormones, the better the outcome. We have the knowledge and experience you can trust!

Hormone therapy is an art combining knowledge, clinical experience and evidence based research. The culmination of these provides you, the patient, with the best care we can offer. In addition to your consult, our pharmacist will evaluate your clinical symptoms and lab values and we will send a written recommendation to your physician for appropriate hormone therapy. Your physician will then prescribe your unique hormone therapy and ProCompounding will dispense your prescription to you.

Consultation Services & Fees

  • Hormone lab tests: $50/hormone*
  • Pharmacist consultation is $75 (initial consult, includes physician recommendation and 30 day follow-up to ensure medications prescribed are working properly)
  • Pharmacist follow-up consult: $30 (15 minutes)

Private Consultations

Our pharmacist is available for personal counseling sessions by appointment. This allows an expert analysis, a custom one-on-one approach with patients, free from interruptions. Private consultations focus on all aspects of your health, including current medications and supplements, and personal health history. Such detail will help our pharmacist determine the best therapy for you. Schedule and appointment to learn more about correcting your hormone imbalance, improving your symptoms and getting back to feeling like yourself again.

Hormone Therapy Questionnaires

Women’s Questionnaire
Men’s Questionnaire

About our Pharmacist

Jessica Cooper Broyles, Pharm.D

Jessica graduated from Campbell University in Buies Creek, North Carolina with a Doctorate of Pharmacy. She has experience in retail, pharmacy management and compounding. She holds certificates in Immunization Delivery, Diabetes Management, Lipid Management and is a Certified Hormone Specialist through Professional Compounding Centers of America. As a Certified Hormone Specialist, she has undergone advanced training and has a specialized skill set in which can help assess your hormone needs.

*These prices are subject to change without notice and price depends on the combination of hormones tested.