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Pro Compounding Pharmacy

Personalized Care

In the early days of medicine, all drugs were compounded-made to a doctor’s specific request for each patient. The majority of drugs dispensed in today’s healthcare industry are made by large drug manufacturers but unfortunately, manufactured drugs are not always adequate for meeting a patient’s individual needs. With a prescription from you physician, a compounding pharmacy can custom make a medication specifically for you. While any pharmacy can offer some level of compounding, only accredited compounding pharmacies have the experience necessary for compliance with nationally accepted standards.


“Best drug store I have ever used the people that work there go way beyond what any other drug store would to be sure you get what you need and when you need it.”


“The knowledge the pharmacist have with compounding substances is impressive!”


“Always prompt and friendly.”


This pain cream has helped me tremendously. I have suffered with leg and foot pain for a long time. Numbness, tingling. Since I have been using this cream, I can get better rest!


“They were very friendly, pleasant, very courteous, explained everything very well, very professional, went above and beyond. I highly recommend them.

Kim & Brian

This is a very professional compounding pharmacy with quality pharmacists and employees. I highly recommend this compounding pharmacy for your needs.


I have had a lot of problems with my arms, neck and shoulder hurting, especially at night. The cream that I was given has helped me immensely. I usually sleep through the night now, which I haven’t done in quite some time!


Giving pills to cats is very traumatic for us and the cats. Being able to give their medications topically has been a blessing! We appreciate all you do!


My Doctor introduced me to ProCompounding and so far I have had a great experience and would recommend them to everyone.


“Very blessed for this company to help with my Insurance on this medication! I have been very sick with chronic sinusitis and with the other company they made me pay out of pocket cost which was very expensive! This experience has been great and the medication seems to be very helpful! Thank you to everyone at Pro Compounding for all advice and questions answered! this company is awesome!”


Accreditation Means Quality

Accredited for both Standards of Practice and Billing Practices.

Personal Med

Compounding Pharmacy

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