Customer Testimonials

[ She was not able to take the tablet, but the compounding has improved her condition tremendously. It is a God send -Angel ]    [ they were very friendly, pleasant, very courtesy, explained everything very well, very professional, went above and beyond. I highly recommend them. -Kim & Brian ]    [ This is a very professional compounding pharmacy with quality pharmacists and employees. I highly recommend this compounding pharmacy for your needs. -Barbara ]    [ much less pain - Billy ]    [ I have had a lot of problems with my arms, neck and shoulder hurting, especially at night. The cream that I was given has helped me immensely. I usually sleep through the night now, which I haven't done in quite some time!! - Charlene ]     [ Giving pills to cats is very traumatic for us and the cats. Being able to give their medications topically has been a blessing! We appreciate all you do! -Leanna ]    [ My Doctor introduced me to ProCompouning and so far I have had a great experience and would recommend them to everyone. - James ]    [ The Compound Cream that my doctor ordered was filled and I have had excellent results with it. Everyone was very friendly. -C. Gaskins ]    [ I AM VERY SATISFIED WITH YOUR SERVICE AND WOULD RECOMMEND YOUR COMPANY TO EVERYONE - Sophie ]     [ This works. Great people! -J.Smith ]    [ The price was a fraction of what I was paying for the pills. I like the fact you put it under your tongue. The results were as good or better than the pill I was taking...I am soooooooooo glad I found you... -Dave ]

  • Hormone Replacement

    Hormones affect many areas of your health, including your mood, your sleep habits, sexual function and overall well-being. Compounded (natural) hormone replacement therapy (CHRT) is a way to restore balance and help you feel like yourself again.Read More
  • Practitioners

    Our team of compounding pharmacists and certified technicians are experienced in veterinary custom compounding for a wide-range of service areas, including sterile injectable and ophthalmic preparations, capsules, and many others...with over 20 flavoring options to choose from!Veterinarians Medical
  • Topical Pain Management

    When most people think of pain management, they think of swallowing a pill. However, there area many topical pain relievers that can be applied to the skin to help you with pain relief. A relatively new and innovative approach to certain types of pain is compounded transdermal (topical) therapy.Read More